Mysteries, is an exciting and technically dynamic show fillings with imagination, feeling and unforgettable moments that transport the audience to a magical world where life’s greatest mysteries come to life in the blinking of an eye.

The show scripted by Luis Larrodera, converts the stage into an incredible harmony of lights, developing a magical space which invites the audience to become the true stars of the show. It’s a contemporary and innovative show for all the family where the illusions seem to spring to life all around you in a magical yet tangible way.

Mysteries is a show for all ages

In short,  Mysteries is a technically ingenious show fill width unforgettable moments from beginning to end. The surprises start  from the moment the audience enters the theatre increases in intensity as the show goes on.

From the intimate relationship I build with the audience, to the original soundtrack designed especially for the occasion, the unique and breathtaking stage design and colorful lightshow, the audience is taken on a magical journey. The show is filled with surprising magical assistants, irreconcilable mysteries, feats of mentalism and incredible sleight of hand, to culminate in a crescendo of emotions that will live long in the memory.

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