My shows are designed to entertain and tempt the audience into an ever expanding world of magic.
When people come to see a magician they expect to be entertained, surprised.and even confounded.
In practice this means one needs to always be moving forward, pushing the illusion, and the audience to the edge of their seats and their understanding. This is my passion.

This feeling can only be created when the audience is engaged on a primal and emotional level,
This creates an almost physical connection as I rip the rug of reason from under their feet, leaving them all childlike, once again, in a world which is both tantalisingly familiar
but strangely new and full of magical possibilities.


A technically innovative show, that will leave you pinching yourself
as the seemingly everday world becomes interweaved with the world of dreams. Dayreams is a dynamic and technically original show for all the family, full of unforgettable moments that blend magic, hypnosis and humor from start to finish.

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A breathtaking and unforgettable spectacle for all the family.

An enjoyable show combining hypnosis, humor and magic