Who am I?

I was born on the 18th of February 1984. By the age of four I was designing and presenting my own magic tricks. This passion for magic culminated in me taking first prize in the Invention category at the 2009 World Magic Championships (FISM)

My secret

I am a ferocious learner. I am driven to understand everything and everybody around me, to find out what makes them tick. It was this intense desire that first drew me to magic and later led me naturally to engineering and neuropsychology.

However the true secret of my success in magic lies in the three P’s. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Illusionist and Mentalist

I put on my first professional magic show when I was 15 years old and by the age of 17
I was beginning to support myself doing almost a show a week.

At the age of 20 demand for my shows had grown to the extent that I was invited to perform in some truly prestigious locations across Europe, including the Louvre in Paris, the Pierre Baudis Conference Centre in Toulouse, and the O2 Arena in Prague.

In 2012 I had the most incredible honor of being invited to provide the voice for Finn, a young magician in the Sony Playstation 3 game, Sorcery. What’s even more incredible is that Finn has a white streak in his hair, just like me!

The Magician with the White Eyebrow.

Yes, I’ve got one white eyebrow. It first appeared midway through my first engineering degree and has gone on to become an integral part of my identity, my own personal trademark.


At the age of eighteen I started the first of the three engineering degrees that I possess, before going on to complete a degree in psychology and to begin my, as yet, unfinished degree in Humanities at Extremadura University Nevertheless, in 2008 I was extremely honored to be chosen as their distinguished student in recognition of receiving the best report of my year.

At the age of 23 my passion for knowledge and communication led me to combine my artistic career with that of university maths lecturer for a period of three years, before eventually putting that vocation to one side to focus solely on creating magic and awe.

In 2014 I finalised my studies in neuropsychology at the International University of La Rioja.

Speaker, Presenter and Master of Ceremonies

I have been organizing and participating in corporate events all over the world since 2007, using my trademark emotional methodology, to create enduring lessons that stay with the participants long after the event is over.


2006 I attended the French national magic congress where I won my first national award.
2008 I received my first award from the National Magic Society of Spain.
2008, 2009, 2010 Best speaker in numerous debating competitions.
2009 World magic award, an FISM award.Sole winner of the World magic award for invention, the equivalent of an olympic gold medal for atheletes.
2010 World award for talent Brussels
2011 Awarded distinguished student status at Extremadura University.
2012 Pura Cepa Award for best magician of the year.
2015 Ambassador for the Fundación Promete.
2016 Ambassador for the Telefonica foundation’s STEM Challenge.

FISM World champion in the category of "Invention" 2009

FISM, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques- International Federation of Magic Societies.

2009, Beijing

National award, National Magic Congress France 2006

FFAP, Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs.


National award, XXIX National Magic Congress Spain, 1st Prize 2008

SPCM,Secretaría Permanente de Congresos Mágicos Nacionales.

2008, Valencia

International award for Talent, Brussels 2010

European Commission.

2010, Brussels

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